Tom's of Maine helps increase access to dental care

March 24, 2008
Dental Health for All sponsorships surmount $770,000 and helped provide more than 70,000 visits for dental care since 2004.

KENNEBUNK, Maine--Tom's of Maine, a leader in natural personal care products, has marked the fifth year of its Dental Health for All program by awarding more than $108,000 in sponsorship to community dental health programs in seven states across the country.

Total support for dental clinics since 2004 is now more than $770,000 and has helped clinics provide an estimated 70,000 additional visits to gain access to quality, affordable dental care.

Tom Chappell, cofounder and CEO of Tom's of Maine, announced the sponsorships, stating, "We continue to see studies indicating the enormous need for access to dental care throughout the United States and thus we're very pleased to mark our 5th year of Dental Health for All. We are encouraged by the support and energy around dental needs shown by our consumers and retail partners who help make these grants possible. Although these clinics are very different in some ways, just like Tom's of Maine, they all share a mission-driven focus of bringing quality dental and oral health care to people in need and thus will receive sponsorship for construction of new dental clinics, funding more dental hygienists, and purchasing X-ray systems."

State City Clinic Award
CA Los Angeles Union Rescue Mission Dental Clinic $15,000
CA Santa Cruz Dientes Dental Clinic $12,000
DC Washington Spanish Catholic Center $15,000
IL Chicago Lawndale Christian Health Center $3,600
MA Boston Boston Health Care for the Homeless $14,300
ME Rumford Community Dental $15,000
OR Hillsboro Pacific University, School of DHS $18,560
PA Philadelphia Esperanza Health Center $15,000

Tom's of Maine began the Dental Health for All program in 2004 in response to the Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health. The study found that more than 120 million Americans have no dental insurance and can wait more than 12 months for an appointment at a public dental clinic.

In addition, many millions more have trouble obtaining the dental care they need because they can't afford it or because they live in underserved areas where dentists are scarce or nonexistent.

To do something positive in the face of this public health issue, Tom's of Maine began the Dental Health for All program with two goals:

* to increase access to dental care
* to educate the population about the link between oral and overall health

Since its inception, the program--with great help from retailers and consumers--has made a significant impact, providing more than $770,000 to public dental clinics and helping tens of thousands of people in need receive quality, affordable dental care.

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