Handpiece Experts announces strategic supply agreement

March 25, 2008
Agreement secures access to Barden precision ball bearings for use in KaVo handpiece repair.

MONTREAL, Canada--Handpiece Experts has announced a new strategic supply agreement for access to Barden precision bearings.

The agreement provides dealers access to handpiece bearings manufactured by an industry leader in super precision ball bearings for use in medical applications. Bearings are an integral component in high-speed air handpiece turbine assemblies that can reach speeds of 400,000 RPM.

High-quality replacement bearings can greatly increase the durability and efficiency of any handpiece. Barden bearings have been recognized for their long life and high running speeds, as well as low noise and instrument vibration.

Handpiece Experts will stock Barden replacement bearings for use in the following KaVo handpiece models: 630, 640, 634, 632, 635, 642, 643B, 645, 647, 649, 6000, 6500. Barden precision bearings will be available to Handpiece Experts dealers in the USA starting April 3.

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