Pankey Institute to remain in Key Biscayne

Jan. 24, 2008
After several months of analysis, Insitute's board of directors decides to keep the organizatoin in the Miami metropolitan area.

KEY BISCAYNE, Florida--Tony A. Trujillo, Jr., president and CEO of The Pankey Institute has announced that the organization will remain in Key Biscayne.

The board of directors decided to keep the Institute in the Miami metropolitan area after several months of analysis by The Staubach Company. The analysis included a review of 398 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas and clearly demonstrated that the Institute is in the most appropriate location to serve its mission at this time.

According to Trujillo, "Many of our constituents have known for nearly a year that the institute has been studying the merits of alternative locations. Now that we know that we will remain in Key Biscayne, the Institute will focus on how best to accommodate its growing class schedule and provide exceptional experiences for its participants. One of the considerations in the location analysis was creation of a diagnostic and treatment center, a project that is being evaluated for the Key Biscayne facility. In addition, the Institute will renew efforts on expanded outreach programs both in the United States and internationally."

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