Zenith Dental makes donation to University of Washington's School of Dentistry

Sept. 3, 2008
Company provides StatusBlue Automix Cartridges and MixStar-eMotion Multifunctional Mixing Machine for more than 130 student-athlete mouth guard fittings.

ENGLEWOOD, New Jersey--Zenith Dental, a company with a 25-year tradition of introducing restorative dental products, recently supplied the University of Washington's School of Dentistry and athletics program with its MixStar-eMotion multifunctional materials mixer and hundreds of StatusBlue automix cartridges.

The donation provided more than 130 mouth guard fittings for student-athletes at the school.

The School of Dentistry and the UW athletic department held a mouth guard event in July at the university's dental clinic. Sixty dental students took impressions of more than 130 athletes' teeth. Faculty members and staff supervised the process and offered tips.

The School of Dentistry and the university's athletic department have recently developed a partnership to implement preventive measures, such as providing mouth guards to student-athletes, and to ensure that dental care is available to athletes on and off the playing field.

"The collaboration sends a great message to the community, especially to the children," said Dr. Nestor Cohenca, an endodontic professional and leader of the new partnership. "Parents may learn for the first time that dental injuries can be prevented by using mouth guards. Just think about how many teeth and young smiles we can save by simply using the most effective and protective appliance."

Senior Ryan Perkins, a kicker for the University of Washington football team, said he understands the importance of wearing a mouth guard.

"Players get popped in the head, you bite down, and if you don't have a mouth guard, you can easily get a concussion or chipped teeth," Perkins said.

The mouth guard event was featured on the home page of UW's web site, as well as in its weekly employee publication, U-Week. The publication has a circulation of 40,000 readers.

Zenith Dental President George Wolfe was pleased to supply the university with the materials and equipment needed for the fittings.

"We are always more than happy to provide educational facilities with materials and equipment that benefit the students," Wolfe said. "It's satisfying to know that our donation helped provide effective protection for so many student athletes, and we hope we were also able to provide UW's dental students the opportunity to perfect newly obtained skills. We like to help any way we can."

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