Cone beam 3-D scanner certified for compatibility with SureSmile technology

Sept. 8, 2008
Imaging Sciences i-CAT receives first certification by OraMetrix for successful integration into SureSmile treatment planning system.

HATFIELD, Pennsylvania--The Imaging Sciences International i-CAT, a leader in Cone Beam 3-D dental imaging, is the first cone beam scanner to be certified by OraMetrix for seamless integration with the latest advancements in SureSmile technology.

The SureSmile system is a doctor-driven digital therapeutic solution for the practice of orthodontics that replaces conventional manually-managed treatment. The technology transforms cone beam scans of the mouth and teeth into 3-D computer models for orthodontic treatment planning and treatment.

Orthodontists can now take an i-CAT scan of the patient's mouth, face, and jaw, and use this data in the SureSmile system for control of treatment through virtual diagnostic simulations, instant quality grading tools, prescriptive planning capabilities and robotic arch-wire customization.

"The use of Cone Beam 3-D technology has enhanced the treatment planning success of our SureSmile technology for orthodontists," said Charles Abraham, CEO of OraMetrix, Inc. "We have tested the Imaging Sciences i-CAT and found that using the detailed and anatomically accurate 3-D scans will help SureSmile customers deliver high-quality patient results and provide their patients with an even more convenient treatment experience. We look forward to working with i-CAT customers and orthodontists to show the integration benefits of these two innovative technologies."

The i-CAT, manufactured by Imaging Sciences International, produces anatomically accurate three-dimensional views of all oral and maxillofacial structures at a lower cost with less radiation to patients than traditional CT scans.

The latest model, the Next Generation i-CAT, delivers faster scan times, with a 8.9 second standard scan and full anatomical reconstruction in less than 30 seconds. This provides near-instant data for patient diagnosis, treatment, and surgical predictability.

The larger field of view captures anatomically accurate and detailed cephalometric 3-D images of the entire skull up to 17 cm height and 23 cm diameter.

"We were extremely excited that the i-CAT received the first certification for use with the SureSmile technology," said Chris Scharff, vice president of sales for Imaging Sciences International, a leader in cone beam 3-D dental imaging.

"This further cements cone beam as a leading imaging technology for orthodontics. SureSmile is a powerful orthodontic tool for treatment planning and combined with the detailed accuracy and extended field of view capabilities of the i-CAT, orthodontists are able to treat patients more accurately enhancing overall patient care," he added.

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