offers online services to dentists

Oct. 29, 2008
Service allows dentists to reward loyal patients in the same manner that other businesses have done. officially began offering online services June 16, 2008, to dentists.

This service allows dentists to reward loyal patients in the same manner that other businesses have done. A formal rewards program not only maintains a loyal customer base, but also creates customers who tend to spend more to earn and redeem more rewards, as well as refer others to the place of business when a reward incentive is given. now offers this service to dentists at a monthly usage fee of $49. uses modern technology to implement its program. It is a Web-based application into which the dental office logs. The office can choose to purchase an optional scan gun and fully customized bar-coded key tags (with the office logo/phone number/Web site) to be given to patients. These key tags also serve as a form of external marketing.

The office scans the bar-coded key tag, enters the payment amount, and the program calculates the reward based on the initial settings. The reward is a cash back rebate that the patient will use for future treatment in the dental office.

The patient automatically receives an email that day to remind them of the reward they just earned. They will also receive an email when they redeem a reward. The program has many unique features that are quite useful to the dental office. It allows for an expiration of the rewards and automatic email to be sent to a patient who has not been in the office for a given amount of time.

This automatic e-mail serves as a reminder of rewards that are about to expire and encourages the patient who doesn't make regular hygiene visits to schedule an appointment before they lose their rewards.

The program also allows offices to send a custom newsletter via e-mail to patients. They can promote any type of treatment desired in this newsletter and can offer double or even triple rewards as an incentive for a particular treatment for the month. allows the dental practice to stay in touch automatically with the patient in several ways.

As noted, patients will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation of earned and redeemed rewards, the newsletter by e-mail, as well as the e-mail for rewards about to expire.

Patients will also receive a monthly summary of their rewards account via email automatically. Patients can log in to their rewards account online to view their balances. E-mails sent to the patient will have a direct link to the dentist's Web site so that patients can browse and learn more about procedures and services that they were unaware of previously.

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