Collagen Matrix launches enhanced Web site

Oct. 7, 2008
Site features collagen- and mineral-based technology for applications in tissue repair and regeneration.

FRANKLIN LAKES, New Jersey--Collagen Matrix, Inc., a leader in the design and engineering of innovative collagen- and mineral-based extracellular matrices for tissue and organ repair and regeneration, has launched an updated Web site at Collagen Matrix.

The Web site will provide news and information to customers, distributors, marketing partners, medical and health-care professionals.

The company maintains a manufacturing facility, quality control laboratory, research and development laboratory and warehouse in Franklin Lakes, N.J. Since its inception in 1997, Collagen Matrix has received government grants for the development of collagen-based matrix products in neurological, vascular, urological, and orthopaedic tissue regeneration applications.

In the past 11 years, the company's growth has been steady with the emergence of its resorbable collagen membranes and anorganic bone mineral products as the preferred products used in dental bone grafting procedures.

The addition of products focused on neurosurgery, such as NeuroMatrix and Neuroflex Collagen Nerve Conduits for the treatment of severed peripheral nerves and NeuroMend Collagen Wrap Conduits for the treatment of crushed, stretched, partially-severed or compressed peripheral nerves, and DuraMatrix Collagen Dura Substitute Membrane for the repair of dural mater have created relationships with some of the largest medical device companies in the world.

Additional products developed are OssiPatch Collagen Bone Healing Protective Sheet for bone repair procedures, Collatene Microfibrillar Collagen Dental Wound Dressing, as well as several additional wound dressing products.

The recent worldwide launches of new products OssiMend Bone Graft Matrix, OssiMend Putty Bone Graft Matrix, OssiGuide Cancellous Granules, SynOss Synthetic Bone Graft Material, TenoMend Collagen Tendon Wrap, and DuraMatrix-Onlay Conformable Collagen Dura Substitute Membrane have expanded the company's technology within the areas of orthopaedic/spine surgery and neurosurgery for tissue repair and regeneration.

Collagen Matrix continues its focus in three health-care fields: oral/maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery and orthopaedic/spine surgery. A pipeline of products has been identified for each area to expand the current product portfolio in the years to come.

"The potential for our core collagen, mineral, and composite technology is unlimited in the health-care field extending beyond our current areas of focus," said Shu-Tung Li, PhD, founder & CEO of Collagen Matrix. "The Company's proprietary technology is based on the science of hard and soft tissue repair and regeneration. The combined experience and knowledge of the Collagen Matrix team brings the science and technology to life through innovative biological products for use in treating disease or injury in the areas of regenerative medicine. We are looking forward to continued growth and expansion of our company as we head into 2009 and beyond."

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