Institute for Oral Health announces third annual conference

July 18, 2008
"Oral Health in Aging America" set for Sept. 9-10 in Chicago, Ill.

SEATTLE, Washington--The Institute for Oral Health will host its third annual conference, "Oral Health in Aging America," Sept. 9-10 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel in Chicago, Ill.

The conference will bring together nationally recognized experts from academia, clinical practice and public health to join providers, commercial dental carriers and purchasers, and other health-care professionals in a public forum to advance how dental care is delivered.

In 2010, the first baby boomers reach retirement age. It's estimated that by 2030, more than 20% of the population will be 65 years or older. Additionally, two-thirds of Americans are overweight and nearly 60% of adults over 65 are disabled in some way.

This means a substantial number of this nation's adults are unhealthy, and are getting older. As they do, the burdens on the medical and dental profession are going to increase significantly. The Institute for Oral Health's 2008 Conference will navigate this issue, and will evaluate the dental industry's preparedness.

It is the Institute for Oral Health's position that the concerns of "aging America" are timely and highly relevant as America is currently experiencing unprecedented growth in the senior population, owing to longer life spans and aging baby boomers.

Many older adults neglect their oral health (often due to limitations in their income, insurance, or physical/mental capacity) and many dental professionals are undertrained and understaffed to treat the unique needs of geriatric patients.

As such, the population boom of aging adults could represent a significant health crisis in our country.

Conference participants will address these issues and prepare for a potentially looming health-care crisis that will greatly impact the dental and medical professions.

The conference will feature the nation's top authorities on aging and geriatric oral health to highlight key data and clinical issues, and promote progressive solutions for improving dental care access and treatment for aging adults.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Michael Roizen, bestselling author of the "RealAge" and "YOU" health books and videos and a popular guest on Oprah, and Dr. Erik Olsen, president of the national chapter of the AARP.

All health-care professionals dedicated to making dental care more effective, cost-efficient, and accessible including providers, policy makers, academia, dental research, public health, commercial dental carriers, and employers should benefit from this conference.

The conference cost is $495 per person. Hotel rooms are available at a special conference rate. Registration closes Sept. 5.

Visit Institute for Oral Health for more conference information, featured speakers, and to register to attend.

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