First 5 California mobile tour partners with Dr. Fresh

April 3, 2008
Hands-on Health campaign offers free dental care tips and giveaways for gamilies across California.

SACRAMENTO, California--First 5 California has announced the launch of a partnership with California-based dental product manufacturer Dr. Fresh to promote healthy dental care among California's youngest children.

Through the partnership, Dr. Fresh will provide a free FireFly toothbrush to each family visiting First 5 California's Hands-on Health mobile outreach exhibit – California's only traveling health exhibit for children ages 5 and under.

During its nearly eight-week tour, the Hands-on Health van will focus on educating families about the importance of oral hygiene and reducing dental decay--the most prevalent chronic disease of early childhood. While at the van, children will play educational games and parents will take home tips on caring for their children's teeth.

"By third grade, almost two-thirds of California children have dental decay," said Kris Perry, executive director of First 5 California. "By partnering with Dr. Fresh, First 5 California hopes to equip families with both the tools and information needed to teach healthy dental habits, greatly reducing children's chance of dental disease."

Launched in June 2006, the Hands-on Health mobile outreach campaign is a groundbreaking, grassroots effort aimed at addressing key health issues facing children ages 5 and under and their families. The exhibit travels across the state, reaching families at venues such as fairs, parades and expos to encourage healthy living.

The Hands-on Health spring tour kicks off April 5 with a stop in Sonoma County. Between April and May, the van will visit more than 25 different cities and reach an estimated 20,000 people with its health messages.

"Dr. Fresh is honored to be part of such an important and groundbreaking effort to stem the rising tide of dental disease in our children," said Dr. Fresh, president of the company. "In First 5, we have found a partner who shares our belief that oral care must be easily accessible to families and fun for kids."

Since its start, the Hands-on Health van has traveled to more than 70 different cities across California, reaching nearly 177,000 Californians with health messages. At the completion of the spring tour, the van will have visited all of California's 58 counties during its five tours.

For more information on First 5 California or its Hands-on Health van, visit First 5 California.

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