AFP Imaging expands 3-D Dental and ENT imaging marketing and sales efforts

April 3, 2008
Company awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,309,158 for X-ray sensor protection.

ELMSFORD, New York--As AFP Imaging approaches its first anniversary since the acquisition of Quantitative Radiology, the company has continued to expand its worldwide marketing and sales efforts for NewTom Cone Beam CT, dental and ENT, X-ray scanners.

Recently, the company attended the European Congress of Radiology, a clinical meeting held yearly in Vienna, Austria. AFP and QR introduced its latest model scanners, the Model VG and the Mobile Flex-VG, to radiographic professionals in attendance.

The historical European trend is to utilize dental and ENT X-ray scanners in hospitals and imaging centers as compared to private practices; however, with the introduction of the new, compact Model VG, a wider population of European private treatment settings and practices can be served.

For example, the Model VG scanner was recently installed in the foremost French, ENT treatment center. The company anticipates strong growth in worldwide sales from our new product line.

European sales continue to be fulfilled from the company's Italian production facilities. In addition, the company just participated in the Pacific Dental Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia with the NewTom VG scanner. Early sales of the Model VG occurred last year in the western Canadian provinces. The next major domestic dental symposiums to attend are the endodontic association meeting, as well as the California Dental Association.

QR's research and development group in Italy continues to expand and refine the company's proprietary software code in its cone beam X-ray scanner to include seamless interfaces with all of the primary, third party dental application suites now on the market. This will help broaden our potential sales base for the Model 3G and VG NewTom scanners, to include use of these specialty software suites for the enhancement of the original data set captured by the scanner. In particular, this will assist in the sales of New Toms to dentists who specialize in the diagnostics and treatment planning for orthodontics, implantology, oral surgery and several other specialties.

AFP was recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,309,158 for the flexible, protective sheath for its EVA dental X-ray sensor. The patent incorporates seven specific claims that will remain as exclusive intellectual property for the next 20 years.

The patent defines how the design will facilitate the protection of an expensive, intraoral dental sensor from damage, when positioning the device inside the patient's mouth. It also facilitates veterinary dental applications in which the internal curvature of a dog's mouth is often smaller and narrower than that of a human. This makes positioning aids helpful.

AFP is a leading veterinary dental supplier of X-ray units and digital sensors designed for companion animal diagnostic applications. The company continues to research and develop more products for the future growth of this sector. For example, AFP is scheduled to soon release a new "View ALL Vet" imaging software for the enhanced management of digital X-rays for a broad range of digital products.

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