Distribution agreement could affect U.S. dental abrasive sales

April 15, 2008
Significant decrease in prices proposed by SofiDent Dental Supply will contribute to sales impact.

TEMPE, Arizona--SofiDent Dental Supply, an abrasive importer and supplier, has announced that it has reached a distribution agreement for a U.S. made line of rubber wheels, clasps and discs starting April 1.

According to Joseph Tsiyoni, president of SofiDent, this is a significant development that will affect dental abrasive sales in the U.S. because of the significant decrease in prices proposed by SofiDent.

"This is crucial for many labs today, when the economy is unstable, and expenditures of labs are increasing", said Tsiyoni.

Tsiyoni added that he contributes this development to his participation in the 2008 LMT Chicago Lab Day, which provided his company with business opportunities otherwise unreached.

The new line of abrasives includes more than 30 types of rubber wheels, clasps (points) and cutting discs, all of the highest quality in the country. These products are extremely essential for every dental lab performing work of porcelain, nonprecious and precious metal, dentures and partials.

These items, along with SofiDent's Via-Grind mounted grinding stones, can be seen on the SofiDent Web site at SofiDent.

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