Kerr develops Premise trimodal composite

April 23, 2008
Convenient new Mini Kit configuration that cross-sells a flowable and two bonding agents also introduced.

ORANGE, California--Premise universal trimodal composite from Kerr has developed an improved formulation and a convenient new Mini Kit configuration that cross-sells a flowable and two bonding agents.

The compsoite is considered by many clinicians to be a leader in beauty and strength.

Kerr Corporation approaches technological development and listens to the needs of the customer. Premise's new optimized formulation--showcasing a higher-end product--offers advancements.

"Premise, one of the best composite materials on the market, just got better. By taking a great product and enhancing the formulation, we are able to offer a material that has superior handling than that of its competitors, higher radiopacity, and increased compressive strength. Current Premise users will notice the same great polishability and low shrinkage," said Kerr Product Manager Trina Moskal.

A patented, proprietary trimodal technology is the unique chemistry behind this material.

"Premise's strength has always been in its novel filler technology, which uses three different fillers--prepolymerized filler, patented Point 4 filler, and 0.02 micron filler--working together for the ultimate in polishability, durability, and strength, and has proven to be the fastest growing composite among today's leading dentists," said Meghan Moore-Rizzo, director of product management. "Now, the Premise you love is even better, without sacrificing any of the amazing properties that made it a universal composite that all clinicians have come to trust." Premise has always been more than just nano technology. It is an ideal combination of fillers for the ultimate in performance.

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