Handpiece Experts announces four new firms join network of certified dealers

April 4, 2008
The Handpiece Surgeon, The Handpiece Workshop, Crown Handpiece & Laboratory Systems , and Diversified Dental Service have joined the Handpiece Experts Network of Certified Dealers.

MONTREAL, Canada--Handpiece Experts has announced that The Handpiece Surgeon in California, The Handpiece Workshop in New York, Crown Handpiece & Laboratory Systems in Edmonton, and Diversified Dental Service in Illinois, have all joined the Handpiece Experts Network of Certified Dealers.

This announcement follows several recent announcements of new firms joining the quickly expanding Handpiece Experts Network of certified handpiece service professionals.

Jean Castonguay, president and CEO of Handpiece Experts, said, "Having so many quality handpiece repair firms join Handpiece Experts in a short time represents real validation of our proposition to dealers. We offer quality original-manufacturer repair parts and products to dealers who are also Handpiece Experts Certified because they demonstrate a dedication to handpiece repair best practices. In keeping with this, we have negotiated supply agreements with StarDental, Midwest, Lares, Myonic, and other quality brands in order to supply our dealers with the parts they need for any repair. In this way, dentists are assured that Handpiece Experts dealers will be using high-quality original parts whenever possible. Couple this with the personal attention and fast turnaround time of local, independent repair firms, and dentists can now rest easy knowing their handpiece is being serviced by an Expert."

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