VSupply introduces Cubex supply management system to dental practices

May 2, 2008
New cabinet technology automates access, ordering and tracking of dental supplies.

PHOENIX, Arizona--With many dental practices struggling to find the best way to manage supplies, VSupply has introduced its Cubex system to dentists at the California Dental Association's 2008 Spring Scientific Session in Anaheim, Calif.

"Managing supply inventory is a constant challenge that affects all areas of the practice," said Sasha Poljak, vice president of sales for VSupply. "Our Cubex solution was developed to help automate this process from beginning to end in order to address the growing inventory management challenges faced within the dental industry."

VSupply automates the inventory management process through its proven, sophisticated cabinet technology designed to control the cost of dental supplies and increase operational efficiency. The VSupply system provides centralized storage locations from which dental supplies are easily accessed, controlled and tracked.

Automated reordering allows usage and replenishment data to be transmitted electronically to a Web-hosted database which increases workflow efficiency by having supplies stocked and available.

"Implementing the VSupply Cubex system has improved our business tremendously," said Bruce Lachot, DDS. "It has helped free up significant time for our office staff to now spend with patients versus worrying about supply management and we always have the right quantity of critical supplies on hand without overstocking."

Cubex™ reduces the cost of supply management
The company's flagship product, Cubex, enables users to efficiently manage the ordering, tracking and costs associated with inventory. Configured to meet the specific needs of dental practices, Cubex can track operative, hygiene, prosthodontic, endodontic, implant and other similar supplies.

Its modular system enables shelves and drawers to be intermixed within a single cabinet to accommodate supplies of various sizes. Each cabinet can also be combined with auxiliary cabinets to increase storage capacity. The cabinets house more than 400 unique items and work much like an ATM machine that dispenses dental supplies.

Cubex features a user-friendly controller that enables rapid access through manual and badge input. Once access is granted, the user simply presses a button to indicate the removal of an item. Inventory levels are automatically updated.

The automation process
Typically, practices manage supplies through time-consuming manual processes. While the cabinets perform the mechanical dispensing function, the Smart Inventory Manager is a robust, Web-hosted solution that works together with Cubex to automate these processes. It provides tracking and reporting metrics required to ensure the availability of critical inventory.

The SIM records each Cubex transaction. Once certain levels are reached, it sends electronic orders to designated suppliers utilizing predetermined criteria. The ability to monitor and analyze real-time data enables practices to identify those opportunities to improve efficiencies and profitability.

VSupply is a provider of supply management solutions for the dental and veterinary industries.

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