Heraeus Scrap Refining provides golden opportunity for dentists

May 7, 2008
As gold climbs to $1,000 per ounce, many dentists find they are not getting their fair share.

ARMONK, New York--What dentists don't know about the contents of their scrap could cost them.

So says Heraeus Kulzer, Inc., a leader in dental esthetics and precious metal scrap refining.

"It may not be a gold mine, but many dentists are not getting fair market value for gold and other precious metals they refine," explained Christopher Holden, president of Heraeus Kulzer.

Throughout the dental industry, Heraeus is known and respected for its leading edge, scientific-based esthetic products including Gluma and Venus. What many dentists may not know is that Heraeus also runs and operates an economically and environmentally friendly metal recovery service.

In fact, Heraeus has been one of the leading scrap metal refiners in the Western Hemisphere for more than 50 years.

"The Heraeus Scrap Refining has been an integral part of our overall 'green' effort," Holden added. "In addition to exercising good corporate responsibility, our refinery guarantees customers fair market value for gold and other precious metals."

Unlike onsite brokers that measure the total weight of scrap, including the ceramic and porcelain found in old crowns, and estimates melt loss, Heraeus' assessment takes place at its state-of-the-art refinery.

First, Heraeus' highly experienced team of chemists and technicians weigh and then smelt the scrap. As the gold scrap liquefies in the furnace, borax and soda ash are mixed in to ensure a homogeneous melt. Then the bar is drilled and the sample is sent to their lab for assaying (the process of measuring the precious metal content: gold, platinum, palladium and silver).

"This process ensures the most accurate, efficient assays in the business," said Holden, "and is necessary for ensuring fair market value to customers who entrust their scrap to us."

Heraeus Scrap Refining also takes added measures to safeguard the market value of a dentist's scrap metal.

"Time is always of the essence when it comes to selling in the volatile metals market," explained Tony Circelli, product manager for Heraeus Scrap Refining.

To protect dentists from sudden shifts in the market, we calculate the average London close of each metal based on the day of receipt through to the settlement date (typically 7-10 business days) the shipment is in our system."

Heraeus provides its customers with complete service from preprinted air bills to shipping containers to acknowledgment forms.

"The process is easy. Doctors simply go online to Heraeus Scrap Refining to schedule a pickup and we ship containers to them for their convenience," explained Circelli. "It isn't necessary, however, to ship in a Heraeus container. When sending in the scrap, there's no need to remove enamel or ceramic from the pile as these materials are vaporized during the melting process."

Heraeus Scrap Refining customers also enjoy a variety of settlement options for their scrap including check, and gold and silver coins. And doctors who schedule a pickup online are eligible to win a one-ounce gold or silver coin.

"Accurate assays, fast settlements, various payment methods, and expert chemists and technicians all help to guarantee the highest level of service to our customers," Circelli added.

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