Williams Dental Laboratory joins SensAble Authorized Production Center program

May 30, 2008
Dental lab to offer design and output services for partial frameworks and crown and bridge substructures.

WOBURN, Massachusetts--SensAble Technologies, Inc, a provider of haptic devices and touch-enabled modeling solutions, has announced that Williams Dental Laboratory, Inc. of Erie, Pa., has become a SensAble Authorized Production Center for creating dental restorations.

This includes partial frameworks and crown and bridge substructures. Now Williams can produce dental restorations with digital efficiency and repeatability for other dental labs around the country, in addition to its own dentists.

SensAble Authorized Production Centers provide design and production services to labs that prefer to outsource the entire design and production process or that wish to just outsource fabrication. SAPCs rely on the SensAble Dental Lab System, a touch-enabled integrated solution for the scan, design, and fabrication of common dental restorations.

It is the first integrated digital solution to support the production process for partial frameworks as well as crown and bridge substructures, and the only system to incorporate "3D virtual touch" technology. SensAble Authorized Production Centers are certified to adhere to procedural and material guidelines that aim to ensure consistently high-quality results using the SensAble Dental Lab System.

Since 1941, Williams has been a full-service dental laboratory that serves dentists and dental labs.

"With SensAble, we finally have a digital system for the far more difficult task of creating partial frameworks on a computer," said William Stroh, president of Williams Dental Laboratory. "Because we're now working digitally, the thickness, contour and fit of our restorations are precisely controlled, and our accounts appreciate the tremendous fit and rapid turnaround we can provide."

"We began to deliver appliances using the SensAble Dental Lab System in January," continued William Stroh, "and have delivered more than 400 digitally designed partials to dentists and their patients thus far. The impact on our business has been significant. With the time saved using the SensAble system, we can create more partials utilizing the same number of resources. We now look forward to expanding our business as a SensAble Authorized Production Center. The SAPC program provides every lab with the opportunity to benefit from SensAble's digital technology."

"William Stroh is a visionary and a practical business leader, and he was one of the first to integrate the SensAble Dental Lab System into his operations," said Bob Steingart, president of SensAble Technologies and general manager of its dental group. "As labs of all sizes look to take advantage of digital solutions that enhance their businesses, we are delighted to count Williams Dental Lab in the growing lineup of SensAble Authorized Production Centers that will set the standard for the production of digitally-designed dental restorations."

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