Nine Stars U.S.A. introduces new technically advanced infrared trash cans for dentistry

May 16, 2008
Commercial grade stainless steel design and 21st century hands-free infrared technology reduces odors and risk of cross-contamination.

MONTEBELLO, California--Nine Stars U.S.A., an international manufacturing group known for patented infrared sensor technology, has announced it is launching a line of stainless steel infrared trash cans to the medical and dental communities.

Designed to fit in hotels, motels, restaurants, kitchens, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, conference rooms, the new stainless steel infrared commercial models have been specially engineered with patented hands-free infrared sensors for protection against cross-contamination--a growing health concern within commercial and noncommercial markets.

Detecting motion within 10 inches and automatically opening the lid as users approach, the infrared commercial grade trash cans eliminate contact with dirt and potentially harmful bacteria. No more stepping on cumbersome pedals or pushing and lifting the lid with your hands is necessary.

Made of commercial 304-grade stainless steel, the trash receptacles are designed to guard against rust or water damage. The lids are made of high-grade ABS plastic, so they will not crack, warp, or change color due to climate variations.

In addition, lids close tightly to keep odors out of surrounding areas. Nine Stars U.S.A's twice-closing mechanism ensures that lids close silently and efficiently.

"All of our Nine Stars technicians collaborated with top physicists to find the best energy-saving formula, enabling our battery-operated infrared trash cans to open and close more than 10,000 times--equivalent to a year of usage," said Nine Stars U.S.A. president and CEO Shi-Ping Wang. "A/C adaptors are also available to assure lids will open no matter how busy the traffic flow. We can also provide wheels that can be secured to the bottom of the trashcan for chefs and other hospitality industry users who need fast and easy mobility from one area to another."

New commercial models include:

The DZT-42-1
Size: 12.5 gallon; Material: Stainless Steel; Net Weight: 8 lbs; Gross Weight: 11 lbs; Dimension of Can: C 42 in X H 23.5 in

Size: 17 gallon; Material: Stainless Steel; Net Weight: 17 lbs; Gross Weight: 21 lbs;
Dimensions of Cam: C 53in X H 22 in

Size: 21 gallon; Material: Stainless Steel; Net Weight: 19 lbs; Gross Weight: 21 lbs
Dimensions of Can: C 53 in X H 22 in

For more information visit Nine Stars U.S.A. or call (866)-9STARS-8.

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