Former Biolase officials launch Technology4Medicine

Feb. 21, 2008
Lasers4Dentistry division focused on dental laser market.

SAN CLEMENTE, California--The former senior executives of Biolase Technologies, Inc. has announced the formation of a new company, Technology4Medicine, LLC.

The new company has a dental laser division, Lasers4Dentistry, and a laser therapy division, Technology4Therapy. 

Jeffrey W. Jones, former president and CEO of Biolase, and Keith G. Bateman, Biolase's former executive vice president, formed Technology4Medicine to address the advanced technological, clinical, training and business needs of the dental, medical, veterinary and physiotherapy communities.

"While developing the dental laser industry and growing Biolase from approximately $1 million to $70 million in sales and 70-80 percent market share, we gained extensive experience and a deep understanding of the unique clinical and business needs of the dental community," said Jones, Technology4Medicine CEO. "Dentists face unique challenges, both clinical and financial, and our combined 40 plus years of executive and field experience in the technology, medical and dental laser markets positions Technology4Medicine and its divisions to help dentists and other medical practitioners to achieve their goals."

"Over the coming weeks and months Technology4Medicine will be introducing a broad range of advanced technology and laser based products focused on enhancing efficiency, the quality of clinical care, the patient experience and the bottom line of dental practices," added Bateman, Technology4Medicine president.

"Laser therapy has long been established and accepted as standard of care internationally. Recently the technology and clinical applications have made significant breakthroughs and in the U.S. there is a growing acceptance and demand for laser therapeutic technology to eliminate or dramatically reduce pain and accelerate healing. There are many laser therapy applications and indications specific to dentistry that will allow dentists to improve clinical outcomes, patient care and ROI."

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