Nobilium/Ticonium is first SensAble Technologies' authorized production center

Feb. 25, 2008
Center will produce dental restorations.

CHICAGO--SensAble Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of touch-enabled systems for 3D modeling applications, has announced that Nobilium/Ticonium have signed to become the first SensAble Authorized Production Center in the world.

Nobilium/Ticoonium are leading suppliers of investment casting materials, alloys and equipment to the dental industry.

The SensAble Authorized Production Center Program complements the introduction of the SensAble Dental Lab System, a touch-enabled integrated solution for the scan, design, and fabrication of the custom components used in restorative dentistry.

Nobilium/Ticonium will market the system under the brand FitFrame. The company will also conduct training courses for dental laboratory technicians. The first training course is scheduled for April 23-25 in Albany, N.Y.

SensAble also highlighed Nobilium/Ticonium's role in aiding in the development of SensAble Dental Lab System. SensAble's system is the industry's first digital lab offering that can produce partial frameworks, as well as other restorative substructures.

Much of the system's precision can be attributed to the material expertise and industry knowledge provided by Nobilium/Ticonium, which helped ensure the accuracy of finished parts when using either company's investment and casting materials.

"We applaud the way SensAble has created an ecosystem that is truly a paradigm shift for digital dentistry, and are very excited to be a SensAble Authorized Production Center," said Devon Howe, president and CEO at Nobilium/Ticonium. "Its sensory technology gives technicians tactile feedback during the design phase--you have to feel it to believe it! With their approach to digital restorations, everyone benefits--lab technicians can produce fast and accurate dental prosthetics, quality will be maintained throughout the production process, and dentists and their patients will receive high-quality digital restorations in less time.

"Many smaller dental labs will enter the market cautiously, despite the strong growth that's projected for digitally produced dental restorations, said Bob Steingart, SensAble Technologies' president. "We are offering a range of ways for labs to enter the market--they can simply use the services of an Authorized Production Center with design services. We think it's a great model that provides flexibility for lab owners large and small to get into the digital restorations business," Steingart said. "We're particularly proud to have such an esteemed industry leader as Nobilium/Ticonium as our first announced Authorized Production Center."

For more information on Nobilium/Ticonium, visit Nobilium/Ticonium or call (800) 833-2343.

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