Hayes Handpiece Company celebrates 20 years in business

March 3, 2009
Company recently expanded to include the sale of handpieces and handpiece-related merchandise.

CARLSBAD, California--Hayes Handpiece Company is celebrating its 20th year of providing local handpiece repair.

In 1989, John and Jo Hayes started Hayes Handpiece Company in a 10'x10' garage space in the San Diego area. Prior to starting Hayes, John and Jo owned and operated California Dental Equipment Company.

Today, Hayes Handpiece Company remains a family-based business with sons David and Joe at the helm.

Joe Hayes, CEO of Hayes Handpiece Company, suggests that Hayes' success lies in its ability to provide local, personalized service to dentists through the company's franchise business model.

"The majority of our locations operate as independent franchises, so each location has a vested interest in the success of the business," Joe Hayes said.

In addition to the franchise business model, Joe Hayes thinks that the company's focus has contributed to its growth and stability.

"We specialize in handpieces, and I believe we have built a successful business because we are so focused. We are experts at what we do," he said.

While the company recently expanded to include the sale of handpieces and handpiece-related merchandise, such as lubricant, the business model is still about service.

"We service what we sell," said Joe Hayes. "It really is that simple."

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