ChaseHealthAdvance, Den-Mat form alliance

March 30, 2009
Alliance makes LUMINEERS an affordable option for recommended treatments.

WILMINGTON, Delaware--ChaseHealthAdvance, part of Chase Card Services, and Den-Mat have formed an alliance that will deliver payment plans to patients wanting LUMINEERS, a dental porcelain veneer used to reshape and permanently whiten teeth.

"ChaseHealthAdvance is committed to making available innovative business and marketing opportunities regarding financing to dental providers," said Barry Trexler, senior vice president, ChaseHealthAdvance.

"This alliance will allow providers treating with LUMINEERS to offer their patients long-term, no-interest payment plans for 12, 18, and 24 months. In addition, providers have the option of becoming a LUMISmile office that offers the benefit of being able to take a picture of a patient's smile and--within 10 to 20 minutes--receive a picture showing how the patient's smile can be enhanced with LUMINEERS. While waiting for the enhanced picture to be returned, the patient can apply for and receive an instant credit decision from ChaseHealthAdvance," Trexler added.

Den-Mat has developed products that allow the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of teeth without extensive cutting, drilling, and tooth removal.

LUMINEERS have achieved more than 20 years of clinical success and provide results by taking worn, misshapen, or discolored teeth and transforming them into a naturally beautiful smile.

"A person's smile is important for an individual's self-confidence, especially in the job market, the workplace, and when meeting new people," said Eric Relyea, vice president of marketing, Den-Mat. "With this joint effort by ChaseHealthAdvance and Den-Mat, we give patients access to that self-confidence through noninvasive dental procedures, like LUMINEERS, because everyone deserves a great smile."

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