New training Webinars available

March 3, 2009
Ongoing Webinar schedule will feature a new set of topics every few months to be determined by customer feedback and Dolphin development.

CHATSWORTH, California--Dolphin has announced a newly implemented Webinar program that features training on the latest software releases.

"We believe training is the most proactive step our customers can take to ensure they utilize their Dolphin software to its fullest potential," said Chester Wang, managing director. "These new webinars make training more convenient and accessible for our busy practitioners with hectic schedules."

Webinars are conducted by a certified Dolphin trainer. The ongoing Webinar schedule will feature a new set of topics every few months to be determined by customer feedback and Dolphin development.

The following webinars are currently available:

Dolphin Management 4.0
Come take a tour of Dolphin Management version 4.0. Get a first look at the enhancements made to existing tools within the program. Practice staples such as Treatment Card and Scheduling have been updated!

Dolphin Interactive Report Tool
This database search and output tool is integrated with Dolphin Management. There are field options and filtering capabilities that help build reports. See the flexibility of the friendly grid format: add filters, rearrange the columns, or change the order of the fields to create a new view of your data! You'll also learn how to send letters, print labels, or print new customized information.

Enhanced Tooth Chart
Check out Treatment Card's newly customizable Tooth Chart. A new "Tooth Chart field" lets you graphically represent patient treatment information such as bracket type with torque information, arch wire sizes, elastics, powerchains, and more. See how to scroll through historical tooth chart entries, and even print the tooth chart for patients to take home.

Zuelke Financial Expert
Explore this optional software module created in collaboration with orthodontic financial consultant Paul Zuelke of Zuelke & Associates. Part of our Legend Series, this suite of tools was developed to help efficiently manage financial delinquencies, promissory payments, accounts communications, and other related tasks.

Continuing education credits are available upon individual state approval. To view a current schedule and to register, visit Dolphin Imaging training.

You may also send an e-mail to Dolphin training or call (800) 548-7241.

For more information, visit Dolphin Imaging.

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