Six abstracts with research on NovaMin to be presented

March 30, 2009
Abstracts to presented at IADR Conference April 1-4, 2009, in Miami Fla.

NovaMin Technology has announced that six abstracts with research about NovaMin will be presented at the 87th General Session of the IADR April 1-4 2009, in Miami, Fla.

The abstracts include:

* In Vitro Inhibition of Oral Bacteria Growth by Novel Product
Principal Investigators: Anora Burwell and Alan Gibson (BioFilm, Ltd.)
Summary: Resorbable polymer strips deliver NovaMin directly onto tooth surfaces and adjacent gum tissues and are effective at inhibiting growth of bacteria associated with caries formation and periodontal disease

* Sustained Calcium Ion and pH Release from Calcium Phosphate-Containing Dentifrices
Principal Investigator: Anora Burwell
Summary: Dentifrices with NovaMin provide and sustain conditions necessary for remineralization better than a dentifrice with Recaldent

* Potential Hypersensitivity Treatment Using Novel Application Method of NovaMin-Containing Gel
Principal Investigators: Anora Burwell and Phil Houle (OroScience, Inc.)
Summary: In vitro simulations indicate that using a tray to apply NovaMin gel may provide the same relief of sensitivity as brushing with a NovaMin toothpaste

* In Situ Root Caries Inhibition by Phosphosilicate and Fluoride Dentifrices
Principal Investigators: Peter Rechmann and John Featherstone (University of California San Francisco)
Summary: NovaMin performed the same as fluoride in a harsh in situ root caries model, and directly brushing with NovaMin provided better protection than brushing around the test area with the same product

* Evaluating the Durability of Phosphoric Acid Promoted Bioglass-dentin Interaction Layer
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ahmed Bakry (Tokyo Medical & Dental University)
Summary: The mineral layer created on dentin following treatment with NovaMin is resistant to mechanical challenge

* NMR Analysis Reveals Consumption of Malodorous Salivary Amines by Dentifrices
Principal Investigator: Dr. Martin Grootveld (University of Bolton, UK)
Summary: NovaMin dentifrices and their supernatents are effective at combating molecules in saliva that contribute to bad breath

Results from these studies continue to illustrate the power of the NovaMin material in multiple applications.

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