New Kodak dental training facility showcases dental technology, dental digital X-ray

Aug. 5, 2009
Advanced Automation partners in designing training facility for Kodak Dental Systems that features practice-management integration and dental digital X-ray.

ATLANTA, Georgia--Advanced Automation, a leader in comprehensive IT solutions and support, has partnered with PracticeWorks in designing a training facility that showcases the latest in dental digital X-ray integration.

PracticeWorks, the exclusive manufacturer of the Kodak line of dental systems, came to Advanced Automation to plan and implement the IT infrastructure for the digital imaging demonstration and training center.

The facility presents an opportunity for dentists to see up close the newest technology available, in terms of dental imaging equipment and IT systems built specifically for dental practices.

Advanced Automation saw this project as an opportunity to implement the type of efficient practice-management integration solution that it provides for individual dental practices.

"The latest in dental technology needs solid information technology to support it," said John Moore, president and founder of Advanced Automation. "The dentists who visit this training facility will experience the Kodak products via a cost effective and attractive custom network that delivers database, training, and imaging applications."

The facility features Internet-protocol-integrated components such as an IP projector that can show every monitor in the facility, a high-resolution remote control IP camera powerful enough to bring teeth into focus from across the room, a dual-monitor simulated treatment area, and a 42-inch ceiling-mounted, touch-screen digital display.

The preexisting voice-over-IP phone system is used to make training conferences a fully interactive experience. Advanced Automation also provided streamlined space management in which computers remain in a central location. This design is becoming popular among dental practices looking for ways to clear up space in treatment areas.

"This facility is an example of both an aesthetically clean deployment and a convergence story," said Moore. "IP devices--devices that operate on computer networks--are generally more feature-rich and cost-effective than traditional alternatives. Also, cabling for these is usually less expensive, and remote management by trained professionals becomes easier. As when we design systems for practices, we used existing technology wherever possible. We were fortunate that PracticeWorks already had the IP-capable projector and phone system."

The Atlanta facility is open for business. The next step will be to provide training to remote audiences via the Internet.

"Advanced Automation was able to design exactly what we called for," said Nathan Paldrmann, Kodak dental imaging representative. "We are receiving very positive responses from the dental professionals that have visited this state-of-the-art training facility for continuing education."

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