National Children's Oral Health Foundation announces $170,500 in grant awards

Jan. 14, 2009
Awards made for oral health-care initiatives for economically disadvantaged children.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--The National Children's Oral Health Foundation has awarded grants totaling $170,500 to 16 not-for-profit community, university, and hospital-based dental programs nationwide.

Facilities are members of NCOHF's national Affiliate network, dedicated to delivering comprehensive oral health treatment and preventive educational services to millions of economically disadvantaged children and their families.

Fern Ingber, NCOHF's president and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the projects and gratitude to NCOHF's supporters, stating, "These innovative grants to our NCOHF affiliates will help to break the cycle of suffering from pediatric dental disease for thousands of vulnerable children. Funding will continue to help remove barriers to access quality preventive oriented oral health services.

"We are grateful to our Toothfairy Grant makers who share our passion to eliminate this painful and debilitating disease. These extraordinary major donors include: Patterson Dental, Wells Fargo/Matsco, Heraeus, Dentsply, Centrix Dental, Zenith Dental, Dr. Mitch Conditt, Dr. Cherilyn Sheets, Dr. Gordon Christensen, Scottsdale Center for Dentistry CEO Imtiaz Manji, and Scottsdale President Dr. Glen Wysel and Lisa Wysel," Ingber added.

One third of U.S. children suffer from serious oral health problems that negatively impact their ability to eat, sleep, and learn. Discolored, decayed, and abscessed teeth not only affect children's appearance, they are painful and can result in severe psychological, social, and economic consequences. Left untreated, severe conditions have even caused death.

"At this time, when the numbers of economically disadvantaged children are increasing, new and innovative ways to deliver vital prevention-oriented oral health services must be developed. We applaud our affiliates for their commitment to provide creative, practical solutions and look forward to celebrating their accomplishments," said Ingber.

Grant awards:
University of North Carolina School of Dentistry
Chapel Hill, North Carolina $15,000

San Gabriel Valley Foundation for Dental Health
La Puente, California $10,000

Indiana University School of Dentistry
Indianapolis, Indiana $15,000

United Methodist Mexican-American Ministries
Garden City, Kansas $10,000

Valley Community Clinic
North Hollywood, California $10,000

Community Oral Health Services
Salinas, California $10,000

Washington State Smile Partners
Bainbridge Island, Washington $12,000

PrairieStar Health Center
Hutchinson, Kansas $10,000

St. Joseph Hospital's Puente a la Salud
Orange, California $15,000

Gateway to Oral Health Foundation
Olivette, Missouri $15,000

Sonrisas Community Dental Center
Half Moon Bay, California $12,000

Catholic Healthcare West
Chandler, Arizona $10,000

The Children's Dental Center
Inglewood, California $10,000

Family First Health
York, Pennsylvania $12,500

Primary Health Care
Des Moines, Iowa $2,000

A Fluoride Connection Non Profit Corporation
Madison, Wisconsin $2,000

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