National TV show, The Doctors, recommends StemSave

Jan. 9, 2009
Doctors now say that preserving stem cells found in teeth provide an excellent opportunity for parents that did not bank children's cord blood.

NEW YORK--StemSave Inc., a leader in the field of stem cell recovery and cryo-preservation, has been recognized by doctors on CBS's nationally syndicated series, The Doctors, as a service to recover stem cells for families who did not bank their children's cord blood.

On the episode that aired Jan. 8, 2009, Dr. James Sears, MD, and board-certified pediatrician, explains that stem cells offer the potential for the future treatment of serious ailments. Furthermore, the banking of stem cells found in teeth provides parents with a new way to have access to the powerful medical applications of stem cells, particularly for those parents who missed the opportunity to bank stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

To view a video clip of the episode, go to The Doctors.

"We are thrilled to be recognized by the world renowned physicians who host The Doctors," said Dr. Gregory Chotkowski, DMD and president of StemSave. "We make harvesting stem cells from teeth easy and affordable, this way everyone can benefit from the powerful medical applications of stem cells."

StemSave is a collaborative effort between stem cell researchers and the dental community to provide families, individuals and stem cell researchers a cost effective, noninvasive methodology for the recovery and cryopreservation of powerful and valuable adult stem cells residing within baby teeth, wisdom teeth, permanent teeth for future use in personalized medicine and regenerative medical therapies.

The stem cells are recovered as part of routine dental procedures, so patients don't need to have any special appointments or surgeries.

StemSave's network of dentists is the largest in the US and continues to expand rapidly. Through StemSave, dentists are now able to play a greater role in the overall health of their patients by participating in stem cell recovery.

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