China National Medicines Corporation issues Milestone purchase order for 12,000 STA Systems

Nov. 25, 2009
Systems will be deliverable over the next 36 months.

Milestone Scientific, a leader in computer-controlled injection technologies, has announced receiving of a blanket purchase order from China National Medicines Corporation for 12,000 STA Single Tooth Anesthesia Systems.

The systems will be deliverable over the next 36 months.

Leonard Osser, chief executive officer of Milestone, noted, "This order serves both as validation of our award-winning technology and the growing market acceptance of the STA System. Milestone has invested significant effort over the last few months in the international arena, and we are delighted to see our efforts begin to bear fruit."

Traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, China National Medicines Corporation--d/b/a Sinopharm--is China's largest domestic manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of pharmaceuticals and importer of medical devices.

The corporation is also the country's largest domestic distributor of local anesthetic dental carpules to the dental profession in China. In April 2009, Milestone granted Sinopharm exclusive distribution and marketing rights to the STA System in China.

Prior to issuing this blanket purchase order, Sinopharm's orders to date have provided for the shipment of 500 STA Systems and 500,000 related disposable hand pieces to China.

"This major order from Sinopharm, coupled with anticipated recurring handpiece sales to its customers, unequivocally strengthens Milestone's growth prospects in the Asian market and supports one of our key long term objectives, establishing the STA System as the universal standard of care for dental injections," stated Leslie Bernhard, Milestone's chairman.

"Moreover, we are confident that this continued success for our STA System will have a resounding impact on our Company's global industry standing."

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