DentaPure water purification system prices reduced

Nov. 20, 2009
Price reduction was made possible through the use of new cost-saving manufacturing techniques.

FERGUS FALLS, Minnesota--MRLB International has announced the reduction of recommended retail prices 30 to 60 percent on its DentaPure Microbiological Water Purification System products for dental operatories.

The price reduction was made possible through the use of new cost-saving manufacturing techniques. DentaPure products are produced, assembled, and manufactured in the United States.

Barry Hammarback, president of MRLB International, said: "In today's economic climate, we feel a responsibility to keep prices as low as possible. Dentists are increasingly concerned about water purity and preventing the spread of disease. We provide economical solutions that allow dentists to protect their patients without having to make a major financial investment. We were able to reduce costs, and decided to pass the savings along to our customers."

DentaPure Microbiological Water Purification Systems meet recommended microbiological standards for water quality without the use of "shock", supplemental cleaners, or water quality monitoring. The products provide a high standard of water quality without human intervention. They do not require the daily addition of tablets, cleaning solutions, or powders.

DentaPure water purification products are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as Class I medical devices for attachment to dental units. DentaPure microbiological water purification cartridges can be retrofitted to all existing dental units.

They provide water that contains fewer than 200 colony-forming units per milliliter, an amount that meets standards and recommendations for dental unit water quality.

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