Cerma-Dent releases new organic products

Nov. 30, 2009
Products include a nano ceramic handpiece lubricant/autoclave protectant and an instrument surface sealer.

Cerma-Dent has announced the release of two new 100% organic products.

They include Cerma-Dent Handpiece Lubricant & Autoclave Protectant with Free Handpiece Repair plus Cerma-Dent Instrument Surface Sealer.

CERMA-DENT Handpiece Lubricant hits the market after nine years of research. The lubricant is based on nano ceramic technology that produces a ceramic boundary layer on metal surfaces. This boundary layer reduces the wear and drag within the turbine and bearings. Cerma-Dent does notutilize any oil or PTFE in its products.

Air-powered tools can have issues with moisture infiltration, which
could lead to premature failure of internal parts. Since many dental lubricants are based on oil, infiltration of water in these areas will displace the current
lubrication and leave the handpiece bearings unprotected.

Cerma-Dent's handpiece lubrication handles water infiltration with no harmful effects while aiming to enhance performance of air-powered motors.

Cerma-Dent will warranty handpiece bearings for as long as Cerma-Dent Handpiece Lubricant is used in a daily lubrication regiment.

John Murray, founder of STM-3 Industries, has more than 24 years experience in the dental equipment industry and has worked as a dental product manufacturer and an instructor for dental equipment repair technician.

"[Cerma-Dent] is cutting edge handpiece lubrication that will provide
unmatched protection with regular use, we guarantee your results, or we'll
repair your handpiece for free," Murray said.

"I have been using your dental and medical instrument lubrication product on
my dental handpieces for approximately one year," Dr. Jerry Vasilakos BSc, DDS of Toronto, Ontario, said about Cerma-Dent.

"After applying [Cerma-Dent] Handpiece Lubricant there was an immediate improvement in the handpiece's performance, with less vibration and smoother function. Furthermore, the life span of the handpiece turbine has been extended significantly. Using [Cerma-Dent] Handpiece Lubricant has reduced the cost of maintenance and improved my handpiece's usability. This is truly an excellent product that will improve the function of any handpiece."

Cerma-Dent comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and is protected by an insurance policy.

For more information, visit Cerma-Dent or call (800) 917-6762.

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