Dental professionals can provide patients with a token reward

Sept. 4, 2009
Token presented as a sign of good dental health.

CINCINNATI, Ohio--New "smile" tokens are an ideal way for dentists, orthodontists and other dental professionals to reinforce good dental health practices.

They are an especially effective for pediatric patients who have good checkups, demonstrate proper flossing techniques, or exhibit proper maintenance of braces, retainers or other orthodontic devices. These new tokens, which can be saved and redeemed for prizes or used in on-site machines like video games or gumball dispensers, can also be used to reward new patient referrals.

In addition to these new tokens, TokensDirect offers hundreds of standard token designs that ca be customized with practice name, logo, and other marketing messages.

Unlike postcards or paper coupons that can be discarded, custom tokens provide a branding opportunity each time they are seen among pocket change or on a bureau. They offer dental practices a low-cost opportunity to be differentiated in a crowded marketplace.

Whether stock or custom, TokensDirect tokens are minted with detailed impressions and accurate dimensions. Large or small orders ship from a Cincinnati mint to minimize transit time and cost. Many metals choices are available, including bass, red brass, nickel silver, and aluminum, as well as nickel plating, and bright color anodizing.

"Smile" tokens are available for immediate shipment, and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at TokensDirect.

To speak with a sales specialist, contact TokensDirect at (866) 274-0868, via mail to TokensDirect, 2851 Massachusetts Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225, or via e-mail at TokensDirect.

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