AFFINIS offers first-ever autoclavable impressions

June 25, 2009
Effective immediately, all AFFINIS impression materials can now be autoclaved at 273°F/134°C  

Coltène/Whaledent Inc. announces a breakthrough in hygiene and infection control. Effective immediately, all AFFINIS impression materials can now be autoclaved at 273°F/134°C. In addition, special heat-resistant impression trays (President Tray AC) and an autoclavable adhesive (Coltène Adhesive AC) complete the system. Providing advanced protection to the dental health professional, the integrated system will help eliminate infectious bacteria that are not destroyed by surface disinfectants. Most importantly, the AFFINIS material remains dimensionally stable after sterilization for an accurate and precise impression.

As hygiene requirements have become stricter, thermal disinfection methods have become more popular. Customarily, surface disinfectants have acted as the only form of infection control for dental impressions. In many cases, they are applied to the impression after removal from the mouth and again when received by the dental lab. Combining AFFINIS Polyvinylsiloxane with autoclavable President AC trays and autoclavable Coltène Adhesive AC provides an alternative approach for removing infectious bacteria.

Most often asked is whether the impression will change dimension. Complex Computer Tomography (CT) as well as clinical measurements and comparisons confirm the outstanding dimensional stability of the AFFINIS impression materials even after sterilization at 134°C in the autoclave. In fact, King's College London Dental Institute conducted a comprehensive clinical evaluation of the AFFINIS PVS material with President Tray AC and Coltène Adhesive AC. This test validated that highly precise, autoclavable impressions with accurate-fitting restorations were attainable with the AFFINIS AC System regardless of the technique and choice of AFFINIS viscosity. The autoclavable AFFINIS Family of materials is available in 4 wash and tray viscosities.

The ultimate goal of AFFINIS is to provide void and distortion-free impressions regardless of disinfection methodology. Now, AFFINIS provides the same excellent performance - plus more safety. The new autoclavable AFFINIS impression materials, President Tray AC disposable impression trays and Coltène Adhesive AC provide an integrated system that allows for increased safety for the dental office and lab technician. For more information, please visit www.coltenewhaledent.com or contact Coltène/Whaledent Inc. at (800) 221-3046.