Wonderlic launches ASAP for Dentists

Oct. 10, 2009
Online service helps dentists hire capable, service-oriented employees.

CHARLESTON, S.C.--Wonderlic, Inc., a leader in the development of recruiting, assessment and retention solutions, has announced launch of ASAP for Dentists.

Automated Staff Acquisition Platform helps dentists hire talented employees in less time and with less effort. Specifically developed for positions found within a dental practice, ASAP for Dentists is a practical, Web-based service that gathers candidate information, evaluates skills and abilities, and presents the results in an easy-to-understand format that allows dentists to compare candidates and select the top few for interviews.

ASAP for Dentists can reduce the amount of time dentists spend interviewing candidates by as much as 75%.

ASAP for Dentists includes an online job board, branded for each dentist, that allows candidates to apply for positions at any time. It guides applicants step-by-step through the application process, gathering job-related information in a consistent, legally defensible manner. It also assesses applicants' skills and abilities based on the specific job for which they are applying.

"Wonderlic is a terrific resource to help us find the right employees for our dental practice," said Tammie Keefer, office manager at Dietrich Dental Services in Port Charlotte, Fla.

"The testing is all done automatically online, saving us lots of time in not having to deal with unqualified candidates. They even provide the questions for us to ask once we start interviewing. (This is) a big help."

"We have been using Wonderlic to find the ideal candidates for open positions in our practice," said Camille Becker, office manager for Libertyville Dental Associates in Libertyville, Ill.

"The time savings is well worth using their services. Having prospective candidates pre-screened helps to make a more informed decision in the hiring process. The ease of use with the program, along with the immediate feedback, helps in choosing candidates who will hopefully become a valued member of your practice."

Based on research, Wonderlic is aware of the attributes required for positions within a dental practice and has incorporated this knowledge into a solution that is technologically advanced, practical and effective.

The service is all-inclusive with predefined selection criteria and process for each position. This includes job-specific applications, assessments, and interview guides for the:

* Dental Assistant
* Insurance Clerk
* Dental Hygienist
* Office Manager
* Dentist
* Receptionist

ASAP for Dentists focuses on collecting relevant, job-specific information in a simple and pragmatic manner that involves little set up for the dentist or office staff. ASAP for Dentists can be up and running in as little as two hours.

"We spoke with one dental practice that received an astonishing 138 applications for a front-desk position, creating an enormous burden just to do a cursory review and toss out the ones that didn't meet the minimum requirements," said Wonderlic Market Manager Thomas S. Dittrich.

"ASAP for Dentists streamlines the process and lets dentists quickly determine which candidates are most likely to succeed before making the first phone call."

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