TwinPower Turbine features ceramic bearings

Oct. 10, 2009
Ceramic ball bearings are 40% lighter and three times harder than conventional bearings.

IRVINE, California--TwinPower Turbine now features ceramic ball bearings.

Forty percent lighter and three times harder than conventional bearings, the bearings offer an extended turbine life, reduced operation noise, and less vibration. For maximum torque control, TwinPower's double-impeller design delivers up to 22 watts of power.

Its compact head has a height of just 13.2 mm. A mini-head design is also available that offers cutting efficiency equal to (or greater than) other manufacturers' standard sized heads.

Other features include zero suck back in the air line, rapid braking within two seconds, glass rod optics, and direct connection to coupling systems.

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Note: TwinPower Turbine handpieces sold in Canada feature metal ball bearings.