Dental office music gets a new sound with smile radio

Oct. 10, 2009
Digital music service for dental practices designed for patient comfort and staff productivity.

BOULDER, Colorado--Dental offices now have another alternative for in-office music.

Custom Channels, a company that creates custom online and on-premise radio stations for nationally known brands, has unveiled Smile Radio--a music service specifically designed for dental practices.

Smile Radio includes multiple channels of professionally programmed, continuously updated music handpicked to enhance the sound and atmosphere of dental offices. Smile Radio channels are broadcast directly to dental practices via the Internet and received on a specially designed streaming receiver.

"A number of my dentist friends really had a hard time finding a good music solution for their dental office," said Dave Rahn, Custom Channels co-president.

"Many used FM or satellite radio, or their own iPods or CDs but found each had serious drawbacks. We created Smile Radio to address their concerns about lack of variety, tiring repetition, inappropriate songs, commercials, and interruptions."

Added Dr. Anil Idiculla of Park Meadows Orthodontics in Denver, Colo.: "The power of music is highly underrated in today's offices. It affects your patients, your team members, and more importantly, your daily productivity. With the numerous choices of music options out there already, it can be very overwhelming to decide what the best option is to achieve this goal. Smile Radio is the total package ... current music, extensive playlists, and customization. It can take your office to the next level."

Founded by 30-year broadcast radio veterans Rahn and John Bradley, Custom Channels creates and manages custom music channels for local and national brands, as well as numerous broadcast radio stations.

In addition to the standard Smile Radio package, Custom Channels can create branded, private label Smile Radio Channels for multilocation and dental franchise or marketing groups.

Smile Radio costs $39.95 per month and includes required ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC music performance licenses. Custom Channels is offering a 30-day trial to customers who sign up through its Web site at Smile Radio. Dentists can preview music on Smile Radio via the Web site, too.

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