Scientific studies on proper denture care released

July 9, 2009
Studies originally presented at the IADR/AADR/CADR 87th General Session in Miami.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania--GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has released several new scientific studies that address the importance of proper denture care.

Originally presented at the IADR/AADR/CADR 87th General Session in Miami, the studies tested several GSK denture care products and addressed issues such as minimizing fungal and bacterial attachment and activity on dentures, reducing food-related denture stains, as well as enhancing a proper denture fit to increase patient satisfaction.

When taken as a whole, the results of the research conducted by GSK, along with doctors from the University Park Research Center, University of Maryland and University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, show that GSK's Polident tablets are effective in eliminating fungal and bacterial activity on dentures as well as minimizing combination food-related denture stains while saving time and money.

The studies also show that since denture acrylic is susceptible to surface roughening, which encourages bacterial attachment, it is recommended that Polident--rather than toothpaste--be used as a cleaning agent to eliminate denture scratching and ensure effective cleaning.

An additional study also found Polident to be a safe and effective way to clean and kill germs on orthodontic appliances.

In other studies presented at IADR/AADR, GSK examined proper denture fit and patient satisfaction and found that even for well-made and well-fitting dentures, the use of any of GSK's Super PoliGrip cream denture adhesives improves denture function and patient satisfaction.

Areas such as retention, stability, bite force, and masticatory efficacy significantly improved when compared to using no adhesive. Likewise, patient satisfaction and confidence also increased with the use of Super PoliGrip denture adhesives.

"These studies help show that utilizing Polident and Super PoliGrip are a benefit not only to effective denture care and maintenance but to the patient's overall satisfaction with their dentures," said Eric Sensky, GlaxoSmithKline denture care brand manager. "GlaxoSmithKline is dedicated to helping dental professionals serve their patients and assist them with feeling comfortable and confident with their dentures."

The new data complements earlier research performed by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare on helping patients transition to life with new dentures and properly care for their dentures. Those studies showed that use of Polident cleanser helped keep denture surfaces smooth, limiting the growth of bacteria while helping to keep dentures odor-free.

Another study on Super PoliGrip adhesive found the product beneficial even for well-fitting dentures with patients reporting increased confidence, comfort, and satisfaction when using the adhesive.

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