National Practice Transition Network launches

July 16, 2009
New organization to help dentists strengthen their practices and prepare for the future formed.

The National Practice Transition Network is the first membership-based, commission-free organization to offer a menu of benefits to help protect dentists throughout their careers and beyond.

NPTN is an exclusive network that brings together people, resources, and support systems to help members operate a dental practice in their active years and to transition gracefully when the time is right. The network also has one annual fee--no commissions.

NPTN will offer a commission free sale of dental practices to its member clients. NPTN's business model is membership-based with members paying an annual membership fee while receiving an array of benefits. Benefits include:

An initial practice appraisal and comparison report to determine the current value and comparable cost to similar practices.

Yearly updates of these appraisal and comparison reports.

Unlimited associate recruitment and placement at no cost.

The sale of the entire or portion of a dental practice without a commission.

Protection of the practice value if faced with death or disability.

Free drafting of legal documents including lease, associate and purchase agreements.

Network events including educational courses, golf outings and gala dinner banquets.

Exclusive discounts offered by Preferred Network Vendors including accountants, attorneys and dental labs.

Unlimited access to a staff placement board.

A network community board to communicate with peers.

The network was created by two veteran transition specialists with more than 25 years of combined experience in dental practice sales and appraisals.

For more information about NPTN, visit National Practice Transition Network, send an e-mail to NPTN, or call (877) 365-6786.

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