Deadline approaching for Preventive Care Practice of the Year Competition

July 1, 2009
Contest to award the dental office that implements best overall preventive care practices.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--The deadline for practices to enter the Adult Preventive Care Practice of the Year Competition is July 6, 2009.

Practices can register at ADA 365. The winner will be announced at the ADA Annual Session in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The competition, sponsored by 3M ESPE Preventive Care, recognizes dental practices in the United States that have shown the greatest preventive care excellence and leadership in their practical strategies in treating adult patients.

Once logged on, click on "Enter the 2009 Adult Preventive Care Practice of the Year Competition" within the ADA Annual Session announcement. Those who plan on entering the competition must also be registered for the Annual Session.

Eligible practices include those who have designed and implemented new practical prevention techniques, provided preventive oral health care, outreach and patient education to the best of their ability, and/or implemented a successful prevention program through dental team communication and work plan.

The competition has been designed not only to showcase and reward those practices that have designed the most innovative approaches and techniques in preventive care, but to also aid in enhancing the profession by spreading these concepts and ideals to other practices nationwide.

In efforts to educate peers through sharing their knowledge, competition entrants will also have the opportunity to showcase their practices and procedures in the Competition Hub on the exhibit floor at the Hawaii Convention Center during the Annual Session, .

These entries will run on PowerPoint loops Oct. 1–3 from 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. for attendees to observe while browsing the floor.

Additionally, attendees of the annual session who visit and observe the prevention strategies and presentations of the Preventive Care Practice of the Year entrants will earn one hour of continuing education credit from the ADA.

"3M ESPE is honored to be an influential partner to this competition, and is committed to fully supporting practices around the nation to successfully implement the best preventive care routine that is not only most efficient for them, but makes the greatest possible difference in positively influencing the oral health care of all patients," said Steve Pardue, 3M ESPE Preventive Care.

"We will continue to look forward to assisting with the program in any way possible throughout the next three years."

At a time of the growing caries disease in adults and children, the importance of good prevention practices and risk management in a practice's hygiene routine is more vital than ever. Dental professionals and practices who recognize, support, and continue to influence others to perform the best possible prevention protocols are the ones who can truly make a difference in the lifestyles and oral health of individuals.

For more information, visit 3M ESPE, or contact Rich Schuch, program development for the Council on ADA Sessions, at Rich Schuch.

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