ADA's 2009 Conference on Dentist Health and Wellness set

July 14, 2009
Optimal health, work-life balance, and well-being issues explored.

CHICAGO--Dentists and dental health professionals can take steps to evaluate their personal health practices and explore well-being issues for optimal health and work-life balance by enrolling in the American Dental Association's 2009 Conference on Dentist Health and Wellness.

The conference, entitled "Body, Mind & Soul: Thriving in a Chaotic World," is set for Sept. 10-11 at the ADA's headquarters in Chicago.

Its purpose is to bring together dentists, spouses, dental team members, dental students, and professionals who work with dentists and connect them with national experts who can provide key information to help dentists become more proactive in looking at their health and wellness.

The conference will focus on personal health and wellness, professional impairment and ergonomics in dental practice. For example, dentists are vulnerable to back, neck, shoulder, wrist, and hand injuries because of body positions assumed in providing treatment to patients. The conference has specially tailored content to help address this problem.

Speakers are national experts on overall wellness of dental professionals and their families. They will lead the general sessions and specialized workshops in promoting health and wellness among dentists.

Workshop topics to be covered include:

* From Stress to Success: Dare to Thrive in Challenging Times
* Back and Neck Pain in Dentistry: A Survival Guide for the Rest of Your Career
* The Psychology of Success
* Recovery Beyond Abstinence
* Neck, Back and Beyond: Preventing Pain for Peak Productivity
* Sports Psychology for Dental Teams
* Working Drug-free Works! Protecting the Health and Well-being of Staff and Patients

To register online or by mail for the 2009 conference, visit 2009 Conference on Dentist Health and Wellness. Registration deadline is Aug. 30.

For additional conference information, contact the ADA's Council on Dental Practice at (312) 440-2622 or (312) 440-7473.

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