KaVo DIAGNOdent is on Facebook

April 8, 2009
Facebook pages are set up to allow users to become a "Fan" of the product.

LAKE ZURIH, Illinois--KaVo Dental has launched DIAGNOdent on Facebook, the social networking platform on the Internet.

The pages feature the DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detection Aid. The DIAGNOdent
is a caries detection device that uses laser fluorescence to aid in the diagnosis of caries.

The Facebook pages are set up to allow users to become a "Fan" of the product, and the three pages relate to the Fan's level of interaction with the product--DIAGNOdent Dentist, DIAGNOdent Hygienist and DIAGNOdent Patient.

Why put the DIAGNOdent on Facebook?
Facebook is a community builder and should help DIAGNOdent clinicians and
patients communicate with each other. As an online resource, Facebook
allows connection between DIAGNOdent doctors, hygienists, and patients

What can be found on the DIAGNOdent Facebook pages?
The Facebook pages provide an opportunity for clinicians to register as a user of DIAGNOdent so that patients can find them. Likewise, the pages provide an opportunity for patients to find the listing of registered DIAGNOdent offices in their area.

The DIAGNOdent calibration and zero baseline videos are available online. These will allow existing users to refresh their training or to help educate a new team member. The Facebook pages provide the Fans updates on the latest promotions and show specials available for the DIAGNOdent.

Fans can also find links to download the latest DIAGNOdent product literature and more information about integrating DIAGNOdent into a dental practice.

To find the DIAGNOdent pages on Facebook, a user can simply search the word
"DIAGNOdent" in the search field within Facebook or go online to
KaVo and use the link provided on the homepage.

For more information, contact KaVo at (888) ASK-KAVO or visit KaVo.

To read more about KaVo, go to KaVo.

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