ProDrive reinvents the billion dollar drill

Feb. 10, 2009
Patented performance improvements provide benefits for dentists and patients.

MONTREAL, Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced publication of its first white paper that details the performance benefits of the ProDrive Upgrade System.

The patented system is a compatible upgrade for today's leading dental handpiece (drill) brands and dental burs (drill bits). It allows dentists to continue using their preferred handpiece yet empowers their instrument with superior performance. The benefits to the practitioner include faster and smoother cutting, as well as cut accuracy.

With more than 1.5 million dental handpieces in service across America, and dentists using an average 1,000 burs a year, the ProDrive System should impact a billion dollar industry in America and a multibillion dollar industry internationally.

The dental handpiece is a critical instrument for more than 150,000 dentists across North America. Until now, high-speed handpieces have relied on a round-on-round friction grip drill mechanism that was designed in the mid 1800s.

While drill technology in virtually every other industry has evolved to include high precision, locking chuck, and drill bit shank design, today's dental handpieces and burs still employ the century-old friction grip design.

Richard St. Pierre, CEO, ProDrive Systems Inc. said, "ProDrive products are the culmination of four and half years of R&D with the dental industry's leading and most trusted brands. The company was founded by Dr. Derek Turner, a dentist with more than 30 years' practical experience. The products deliver on his vision of improving the dental handpiece to improve dentistry."

Continued St. Pierre, "Over the last four years we earned the trust of hundreds of dentists who invested in our company to help bring this product to market. We believe it's a powerful indicator of future success when customers are your early core investors, but our sales tell the story best. The products were launched less than 30 days ago and we are already tracking ahead of our sales targets for our first quarter in what is considered the worst economic climate in decades."

The white paper provides a detailed overview of performance engineering testing and field trials conducted in 2008 across North America. Detailed, indepth feedback and opinions from three prominent American dentists are also showcased.

Dr. Salde Lail, Duluth, Gaa., said, "The quality of my crown and bridge preparations has improved dramatically and the margins are textbook perfect. It [ProDrive System] also gives me more control over the handpiece and with no loss of concentricity I no longer worry about bur chatter or vibration. The ProDrive System definitely cuts faster, which results in less chair time for the patient not to mention an increase in office productivity."

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