EDI Health Group to facilitate EDI transactions between payers, large dental group practices

Feb. 2, 2009
Action aimed to enable large regional and national group practices to increase efficiency of revenue management function, reduce overhead costs, and increase cash flow.

IRVINE, California--EDI Health Group, Inc., a provider of enhanced connectivity, streamlined technology and transaction solutions for patients, payers and providers in the dental industry, has announced an agreement with Quality Systems, Inc. to serve as a clearinghouse and facilitator of EDI transactions between QSI and its providers and payers.

QSI--which develops and provides computer-based practice management, electronic health records, and e-business applications for dental and medical group practices--will integrate EHG's full EDI transaction set into its practice management software. This is utilized in the operations management of its large regional and national group practices.

EHG will provide QSI Dental Division with a full set of EDI transaction capabilities including: claim processing, claim status, real-time eligibility and benefit plan information, and electronic explanation of benefits.

"Our clients and customers will benefit greatly from the integration of EHG's services into our industry-leading QSI dental practice solutions as we can now deliver one of the most comprehensive, powerful, feature-rich practice and clinical management systems in the industry," said Kathleen Noll, vice president, technical marketing and implementations at QSI.

"QSI has established a strong position in the large practice market by helping practices to improve cash flows and productivity through reliable, highly-functional practice management systems. The host of features offered through EHG will provide additional capabilities to further enhance our practices' ability to provide a wider range of services and improve the overall customer experience," she added.

"As a leader in interactive, real-time services for the dental industry, EHG was chosen to work closely with QSI Dental Division to bring a full complement of EDI services to their users," explained Scott Wellwood, president of EDI Health Group.

"QSI is recognized as a leader in the dental practice management market, and is particularly adept at addressing the unique requirements of the larger group practices," Wellwood said. "This makes our partnership with them even more appealing as these clients have been extremely receptive to our concept of automating the complete EDI process from patient acquisition through the completion of the treatment and payment processes. We are extremely excited about working with a partner such as QSI Dental Division who shares our vision of simplifying the business side of dentistry."

EDI Health Group has headquarters in Irvine. For more information, visit the company's Web site at EDI Health Group.

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