ChaseHealthAdvance signs on as new sponsor of DentalSenders

Feb. 13, 2009
DentalSenders offers free patient communications package to dentists.

DentalSenders provides dentists with a free patient communications package that utilizes e-mail and text messaging to remind patients of upcoming appointments, and reduces no-shows.

DentalSenders is able to offer this service with the support of sponsors. The newest sponsor is ChaseHealthAdvance.

Dental offices traditionally use many types of patient reminders, such as phone calls, business-card-sized appointment reminders, and postcards to help ensure that patients are aware of their upcoming appointments.

In the fast-paced Internet age, e-mail and text messaging are proving to be a more engaging way of reaching busy patients, many of whom receive those communications via their cell phones.

DentalSenders integrates fully with existing practice management software and automatically delivers e-mail and text messages to the right patient, at the right time, without any effort from the doctor or staff.

"The fact is that most patients today are using e-mail and text messaging routinely, and they would prefer that dental offices confirm appointments using these methods," explained Gerry McManus, DentalSenders chief marketing officer. "It's fast, easy and efficient."

In addition to appointment reminders, the system also sends personalized birthday and holiday wishes, practice promotions, dormant patient reactivation messages, electronic surveys, and monthly newsletters that keep patients informed of the doctor's services and new dental technologies.

The reminder messages include the doctor's branding logo or photograph, as well as the office contact information and a link to the doctor's Web site.

Dental practices can benefit from the arrangement with ChaseHeathAdvance, as the service is provided free of charge to providers or potential providers of ChaseHealthAdvance.

"ChaseHealthAdvance believes advocacy and innovation go hand-in-hand in providing great service to dental and medical providers," said Barry Trexler, senior vice president, ChaseHealthAdvance. "Working with a resourceful company that strives to improve the patient experience demonstrates our commitment to helping dental practices offer great financing."

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