Dawson Academy offers lecture for lab technicians

Feb. 4, 2009
Students to Learn function of the masticatory system.

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida--The Dawson Academy offers a lecture that teaches laboratory technicians to not only create stable restorations, but the anatomy and function of the masticatory system.

The 2.5-day lecture, "Occlusion and Function for Lab Technicians," will be given by Vernon "Buddy" Shafer, Jr, CDT, and will be held Aug. 27-29, 2009. at the Mid-Atlantic Center in Chesapeake, Va.

The lecture is limited to 20 technicians and costs $1,195 per technician. Students completing the course will receive a total of 20 continuing education credits. The lecture is part of the academy's Core Curriculum.

About the lecture
As dentists have progressed through Dr. Peter Dawson's "Concept of Complete Dentistry Series," they have frequently expressed the need for a laboratory technician who understands the principles of occlusion with whom they can work to achieve their desired results.

This course has been developed as a primer for those technicians wishing to practice complete dentistry. The program has been designed to advance the knowledge and skills of intermediate level technicians. The interactive lecture will include videos, slides and discussion of the masticatory system, anatomic and functional harmony, the temporomandibular joint, centric relation, anterior guidance, envelope of function, the neutral zone, long centric, vertical dimension, the occlusal plane, occlusal stops, requirements for occlusal stability, instrumentation and more.

The course is an opportunity for technicians to learn about the function of the masticatory system in an environment just for technicians.

About the Core Curriculum
The Dawson Academy's Core Curriculum teaches the fundamental principles and clinical skills that make dentistry predictable. The essence of the curriculum is that the teeth are only one part of the masticatory system. When the entire system functions in harmony, teeth are healthy and stable.

Understanding the masticatory system enables you to precisely determine the exact position and contour of anterior teeth--no guesswork is required. When examined and diagnosed within the framework of the entire system, problems such as excessive tooth wear, sore teeth and masticatory muscles, and fractured restorations can be solved.

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