Guardian Life helps business owners reduce dental insurance costs

March 24, 2010
Company has wide selection of annual maximum rollover options and incentives for in-network care.

NEW YORK, New York--At a time when health-care costs continue to outpace inflation and business owners seek ways to not only reduce expenses, but also increase value, the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America has developed new annual maximum dental options designed to help business owners stretch their dental dollars and make dental benefits available to more employees.

The company, an employee benefits provider with one of the largest PPO dental networks in the U.S., now offers a new assortment of lower maximum rollover schedules, providing a wide range of plan types for companies to choose.

Cost-conscious employers can pick from nine lower-cost designs with maximum rollover amounts and limits that are 50% less than the original plans.

Guardian was a pioneer in the development of these dental benefits that allow members to keep a portion of their unused annual maximum for future use. In 2009, the company rolled over $380 million into its members' maximum rollover accounts--funds they can use for future dental care.

Traditionally, members had to use or lose their dental benefits at the end of each year. Maximum rollover plans enable employees to save unused benefits for more costly procedures in the future. But employees have to use their dental plans during the year to qualify for the rollover.

"Our selection of maximum rollover plans are designed to encourage the in-network use of dental benefits and maintain oral health," said Richard Goren, DDS and second vice president, Group Dental, Guardian.

"We don't want employees to forego dental care in an attempt to roll over the most benefit dollars. Preventative treatments with in-network dentists are important and help keep the long-term cost of dental care under control. This makes dental care accessible to more people."

Guardian's maximum rollover plans give employees an extra incentive to seek in-network services. Members will roll over a larger amount if they exclusively use Guardian-preferred providers during the year.

Additionally, the program rewards long-term employees by allowing unused account balances to accumulate over time. The longer employees stay with the network plan, the more they can accumulate for future dental care.

"Guardian is recognized as a leader in the dental insurance and employee benefits industry and it isn't enough for us to just offer what competitors have," said Chris Swanker, vice president, Group Dental, Guardian.

"We've set the bar very high for ourselves. Brokers, planholders, and members have come to expect more from us. Guardian's commitment to quality, value, flexibility, and choice is an important reason that we expanded the number of maximum rollover options and continue to offer one of the widest selections of dental plans.

"Employers like our dental plans because we empower them to create the best benefits package available at their desired price-point. Brokers like our dental Maximum rollover plans because they reward long-term clients and encourage retention at a time when employers are focused on savings and value."

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