Dental laboratory delivers patients to dentists

Jan. 13, 2010
Vehicles focus on humor as the basis for raising health awareness.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania--Maverick Dental Laboratories, a full-service dental laboratory, replaces its delivery vehicles with a new fleet.

The vehicles, which feature full-wrap graphics, focus on humor as the basis for raising health awareness.

"Since we do not serve the public directly, we decided not to cover the vehicles with our identity," said Joe Fey, co-owner of Maverick.

"Instead, we chose to use this opportunity to provide a referral service to our customers by raising an overall awareness for dentistry with innovative, humorous marketing. The response from our customers has been outstanding."

The campaign, "Follow me to a great dentist," uses humorous images and relatable messaging to grab the attention of the public as the delivery drivers are out on routes across Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Dentists further benefit by having the opportunity to be part of a referral network that assists people in locating a dentist.

"This is a great win-win situation for all concerned," said Larry Albensi, co-owner of Maverick.

"Many of the inquiries we receive are from people who are not currently seeing a dentist and have a dental issue that requires attention. Our dentist-clients are thrilled to receive the referral, and hopefully we can help to complete the case if a prosthetic is needed."

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