Web site allows dental staff to set up automatic payments

April 15, 2010
Dentalpay.net provides service at no cost to a practice.

In today's economic climate, it's important to keep every patient that walks in the door.

From a routine cleaning or exam to an extensive treament plan, you don't want a patient to go somewhere else because of a lack of payment options.

DentalPay.net provides an online Web site for dental practices that allows office staff to set up a patient on an automatic payment schedule and there is no cost to the practice.

In this way, a practice is not waiting for a patient to mail in a payment; it's collected and deposited to an account automatically. A patient can have the transaction occur on his or her credit or debit card, checking or savings account. A payment arrangement can then be arranged.

DentalPay.net also gives patients the ability to pay their outstanding balances online even if a pracatice doesn't have a Web site.

For more information, go to Dentalpay.net or call toll-free at (877) 763-9066.

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