Smiles Change Lives an orthodontic option for families

April 13, 2010
Nonprofit affordable orthodontic program offered for those in need of services.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri--You have completed your taxes and 2009 proved to be a bad year. Your tax return shows how much less money your family might have earned, making the possibility of providing orthodontic treatment for your children in 2010 even more distant.

Don't postpone braces for your children. If you had a bad economic year in 2009, you may now qualify for a nonprofit affordable orthodontic program. Smiles Change Lives seeks kids who are in need of, but whose families cannot afford braces.

"Getting braces with the help of Smiles Change Lives is the nicest thing anyone ever did for me," admitted Charity, a recently approved SCL participant.

Added Charity's mother: "I'm starting to see her smiling again and interacting with her friends. It's a blessing that we found Smiles Change Lives when we did because I just couldn't afford the treatment after I lost my job a year ago."

SCL is seeking applicants nationwide who meet the following criteria:

* Ages 11 to 18 with documented good oral hygiene
* Have moderately to severely crooked teeth and/or misaligned jaws
* Taxable family income (line 43) is at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines

As you complete your 2009 income taxes, note line 43 on Form 1040 and visit Smiles Change Lives to see if you meet financial qualifications.

"I have been a long-time SCL provider because they know how important a smile is to everyone," stated Dr. Joe Hannah, an SCL provider from Kansas. "It's so rewarding to see the patients' reaction when we tell them, 'Yes, you are going to have an ideal smile.' It is my pleasure to be an SCL partner."

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