Dr. Robert Gordon creates template for lip classification, augmentation

April 6, 2010
Training and support system tailors lip shape and size to a patient's features.

MIAMI, Florida--It's time to pucker up.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Gordon, also known as "Dr. Lips," has created a template for lip classification and augmentation.

Founder of Vermilion Dollar Lips, a training and support system that tailors lip shape and size to a patient's features, Dr. Gordon provides tools for cosmetic dentists to transform their practices into dental spas that offer noninvasive cosmetic procedures in lip and perioral augmentation.

While most people turn to plastic surgeons for lip augmentation procedures, cosmetic dentists are required to spend four to six years studying the lower face area. Dr. Gordon also has a background in art education, along with his experience in cosmetic dentistry.

He has written a book on lip augmentation entitled "Vermilion Dollar Lips." Today, his organization provides training to cosmetic dentists, including a Masters in Spa Dentistry. Additionally, Dr. Gordon has provided training in lip and perioral augmentation to specialized physicians.

"I believe that we should move beyond the teeth," said Dr. Gordon. "As dentists, we are the natural specialists of the mouth, and we should provide our patients with the various cosmetic options needed for a complete oral makeover."

Dr. Gordon's sysem not only provides training and methods for transforming a dental practice, it also offers marketing help. Upon signing up for the program, Vermilion Dollar Lips' marketing professionals will help support cosmetic dentists in publicizing their new credentials in noninvasive cosmetic procedures.

"There is a definite art involved in dentistry that often goes unnoticed; my goal is to combine science with art," added Dr. Gordon. "Vermilion Dollar Lips is the future of dentistry and has significantly helped cosmetic dentists in increasing their patient roster and revenue."

Vermilion Dollar Lips offers individual classes and a continuum schedule, situated on weekends so as not to interfere with a practice's busy schedule. The program covers fillers and BOTOX to marketing and business protocols.

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