South County Periodontics and Implant Dentistry acquires advanced imaging technology

April 14, 2010
Picasso Duo CBCT provides 3-D imaging system.

MISSION VIEJO, California--South County Periodontics and Implant Dentistry has acquired the Picasso Duo CBCT scanner, a technology that is helping to revolutionize dental imaging.

The scanner is designed to help dentists enhance the diagnosis and treatment of patients by combining panoramic and 3D scanning in a single unit along with diagnostic software.

"We are continually looking for advanced technologies that will improve results for our patients," said Dr. Nicholas Caplanis, director of the practice. "The Picasso Duo CBCT is the best machine available, allowing us to look at images in any dimension and take direct measurements to make implant planning safer and more accurate for our patients."

The system provides a digitized image of the upper and lower jaws. Its advanced software allows the dentist to annotate directly on the image for better patient understanding of a proposed treatment plan.

These images are also helpful in diagnosing problems that are typically not seen on conventional dental X-rays such as tooth root fractures and other less obvious conditions.

A dedicated sensor for each type of scan provides image quality for an effective patient treatment plan and diagnosis through 3D cross-sectional, canal, and implant simulation. The scanner also features an LCD window for patient guidance, as well as an imbedded camera for patient positioning.

Once the patient decides to pursue treatment, the scanner can provide three-dimensional images of the jaw with exact measurements of bone dimensions and density to aid in dental implant treatment planning.

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