KOMET USA has environmentally friendly facility in Lemgo, Germany

April 6, 2010
For the last 12 years, the company has used and recycled rain water, reduced its carbon dioxide output, and used solar energy for its power needs.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--Not only is KOMET dedicated to providing its customers with dental rotary instruments, but the company's products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly facility in Lemgo, Germany.

For the last 12 years, the company has used and recycled rain water, reduced its carbon dioxide output, and used solar energy for its power needs.

"Climate change and global warming is at the forefront of many political debates," said Klaus Rübesamen KOMET's chief executive officer.

"As industries and manufacturers plan how they will reduce their negative impact on the environment, KOMET is leading the way in manufacturing our rotary instruments in a 'green' facility. We also are extremely proud that all our employees have supported our environmental-friendly efforts."

Since 1998, KOMET has used rain water for sanitary purposes in the manufacturing plant and administrative offices in Lemgo. Rain water covers about 10% of the factory's annual usage.

Nontreated water is heated by compressors and processed in a closed cycle for a designated period of time. When treated water cannot be treated any longer, it will run through another cleaning cycle and be disposed without affecting the surrounding environment.

KOMET has used solar energy to power its factory for the last four years. A solar power system, installed on the factory's roof, generates power by using 140 silicon crystal glass modules. This means if the sun is not shining, power is still generated from stored solar energy.

In addition, three heat exchangers heat approximately 26,000 square meters of the administrative and manufacturing buildings, avoiding the production of large quantities of carbon dioxide.

Besides solar panels, 43% of the roof is covered with plants and greenery. This foliage filters the surrounding air, binds loose dust, and provides a sound buffer to reduce noise pollution.

KOMET also instituted the Job Ticket Program 12 years ago, encouraging more than 100 KOMET employees to use public transportation to and from work. This travel alternative allows KOMET to lower is carbon dioxide output from daily motor vehicle traffic. With this reduction, KOMET transformed most of its parking lots into green areas.

"Our customers know that anything we do might have an impact on the environment, and I think it's important to make our high environmental standards better known here in the United States," said Warren A. White, KOMET USA's chief operating officer of sales and marketing.

"Not only do we want to position ourselves as one of the fastest-growing rotary instrument companies in North America, but we want to assure our customers we are doing so with little or no effect to the environment."

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